At IST, we believe in educating and developing the whole child.  What does that mean?  Well, we’re glad you asked!

Each one of our students is a future leader, a source of limitless potential, and an amazing individual.  We recognize that our opportunity to educate our students is a privilege, and we strive every day to provide them with the best.  Not just the best standardized test score, or the best homogenous benchmark.  IST nurtures and educates the whole child, and we do that with our Healthy Eating Program, our Physical Education curriculum, and our focus on mindfulness, balance, and stress reduction.  We believe that investing in wellness for our students will develop healthy habits for a lifetime.

Balanced Eating Program

In order to learn to its best potential, a body needs healthy fuel.  IST tuition includes all the food a student needs during their school day, including morning snack and lunch.

At IST, our students enjoy the shared experience of eating with their friends and teachers, and their peers often inspire them to try new things!  Some of our youngest students eat their salads first at lunchtime, which is a great choice and a great inspiration!

In planning our school meals, we focus on healthy proteins, whole grains, seasonal fruits, vegetables, and proper balance.  We serve traditional and ethnic meals using best quality, better tasting, and better-for-you ingredients.  We believe in using organic, non-processed, farm to table, nutrient dense foods.

We are happy to accommodate special dietary needs including food allergies, gluten-free diets, faith-based and vegetarian requirements.

Physical Education

At IST, our students play.  Recess is a time to take a break from their rigorous studies, to spend time with friends, to play games, to run around, and to just relax and have fun!  We know how much fun recess is, and we make sure our students enjoy it – twice a day.

We also recognize the value of a challenging physical education curriculum.  In order to thrive, a healthy body needs exercise and activity.  Students learn new sports and new skills and, in doing so, develop confidence, strength, and core values of teamwork and sportsmanship, fairness and respect.

At IST, we are committed to a physical education curriculum that teaches new sports and pursuits, provides sustained physical activity for health, educates our students about the value of healthy habits and active lives, and plants the seeds for healthy lives.


At IST, we know that truly developing and educating our students doesn’t end with academic coursework, healthy food, and healthy physical activity.  We see the impact that the stress of today’s world can have on our children and are committed to taking an active role in offsetting that stress with positivity, knowledge, and tools.

We work with the Goldie Hawn Foundation and the MindUPprogram, which aims to provide students with the knowledge and tools they need to manage stress, regulate emotions and face the challenges of the 21st century with optimism, resilience and compassion.

At any moment on the IST campus, you may find a class doing some deep breathing exercises between lessons. You may find a student in a yoga pose that they find centers them.  You may hear a teacher educating their class about the importance of stress relieving hobbies and activities, or a reminder about how to communicate emotions honestly to a trusted listener.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders and while they are entrusted to our care and education, IST is deeply committed to nurturing them as whole people.  For each of us, it is an important part of our school’s mission and also our personal commitment to you.


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