A Letter from the head of School


My name is Tim Reilly and I’m the Head of School for the International School of Texas!

IST was founded in 2013 by a group of parents who wanted to provide their children with a balanced education that would inspire and nurture them, provide them with outstanding teachers and small class sizes, and also prepare them for leadership roles in today’s ever-changing, increasingly international world.  They wanted to create a school environment where their children would not only develop as students but also thrive as active global citizens who are ready to tackle their future.

The learning atmosphere at IST inspires and engages our students, while, at the same time, gives them the room for the creativity that makes learning fun!  As an educator, I cannot emphasize enough how happiness at school can deepen students’ love for lifelong learning and foster retention. It is my firmly held belief, and my observation from numerous alumni at IST, we are preparing tomorrow’s leaders to thrive and succeed in a world we cannot envision yet. We are preparing our students for problems we have yet to be faced with and for jobs that do not exist yet. We accomplish this at IST by teaching our students how to work together to solve problems and how to think critically, instead of memorizing facts for a test.

IST provides a world-class education in a welcoming and nurturing environment. As an International Baccalaureate World School, we encourage our students to inquire, think outside the box and work together to solve problems and take action in the world around them. We’re academically rigorous and focused on whole-child wellness, which I think is imperative in today’s day and age! With our small class sizes and outstanding student-to-teacher ratios, we can provide tailored, differentiated learning experiences that bring our students to the next level. We pride ourselves on meeting children at their present level and challenging them, instead of a one-size-fits-all environment.

We offer a world language program with Mandarin and Spanish, STEM and IT, music, art, Singapore Math and PE as well as healthy eating and mindfulness programs. We have a vibrant student life with dynamic after-school clubs, including competitive sports teams and academic teams.  Not to mention, we have an amazingly supportive parent community.

From our youngest students in Junior Pre-K to our Grade 8 Trailblazers preparing for high school, our students are caring, insightful, and inquisitive — ready to lead while listening, ready to challenge themselves, and also collaborate as true team members.  We can’t wait to talk to you about all of the exciting things happening at IST. We would love to show you our beautiful campuses:  our PYP campus on 12 acres, overlooking Lake Travis, as well as our 8 acre Hill Country campus in Bee Cave where our middle school students are learning to change the world.  We hope to see you on campus soon to learn about what it means to be a Trailblazer!

Warmest regards,

Tim Reilly, Head of School

An international education, close to home

We learn.

Our students learn.  They learn to speak Spanish and Mandarin; they learn how to truly evaluate and solve math problems with Singapore Math.  They learn how to build robots, write code, and design solutions in STEM.  They learn how to collaborate with their peers, as they share feedback, ask questions, and truly engage with one another.  They learn the importance of fresh air, physical activity, strength and discipline, and healthy food.

We care.

Our students care.  They care about the beautiful and fragile planet we live on, and brainstorm how to take measurable steps to protect the Earth.  They care about other cultures and learn how embracing and celebrating other cultures heightens our understanding of one another for the greater good.  They care about each other, as they collaborate and learn together, recognizing that teamwork isn’t always easy but is always important.  They care about the future.  They learn about local and global events so that they can shape the future – as they prepare to lead it.

We lead.

Our students lead.  They lead in their classrooms as they collaborate on their research, their projects, and their growth as a group of peers.  They lead their teams, with regionally ranked accomplishments in soccer, First Lego League Robotics, Destination Imagination, and cross-country.  They lead their clubs, creating an annual yearbook, exploring creativity through fiber arts, using hands-on technology in robotics, and perfecting their layups in basketball.  They lead themselves, actively learning about the International Baccalaureate attributes and reflecting on how they can be exemplars of these attributes on a daily basis.  They lead our world.  Or, they will.  And it’s our honor to prepare them for it.

Our academics are rigorous.

IST has high standards for all its students.  Our faculty have a broad range of advanced degrees, decades of teaching experience, and extensive international work and travel experiences.  Led by these multi-faceted educators, our students are engaged and challenged every day, as their desire to learn sparks and grows.  The high expectations and academic rigor of IST set our students up for success, here and in the future.  IST students have gone on to some of the nation’s best private high school and prep schools, and we can’t wait for our graduates to start applying to college!  We have no doubt their lifelong journeys of education start here, as IST Trailblazers.

We do not use standardized testing.

As a private school, IST is not required to administer the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR).  We believe students learn best when they are not under pressure to learn content specific to a standardized test.  We do recognize that having a progress assessment for each student is a valuable educational tool.  To that end, IST uses MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) testing.  MAP is a computerized, adaptive test which helps teachers, parents, and administrators improve learning for all students and make informed decisions to promote a child’s academic growth.  For more information about MAP testing, click HERE.

Our Mission

IST provides a comprehensive education that is inquiry-based and internationally-minded, enabling children to become life-long learners.

IST students are knowledgeable, empathetic and caring global citizens, inspired to take action and solve problems for the betterment of themselves, others, and the world around them.

Accreditations and Certifications

IST is an authorized IB World School. We are delighted to be an official part of a worldwide network of IB global schools, as well as an active member of Texas IB Schools (TIBS). IST is also a member of the Texas Alliance of Accredited Private Schools (TAAPS).  To learn more about the benefits of an International Baccalaureate education, click HERE.


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