Practical, Challenging & Collaborative

Senior Robotics Team

IST students from Grades 4-7 are invited to join our Senior Robotics Team; a twice-weekly, after school club, designed to engage students in fun, challenging, hands-on, STEM and robotics experiences. In addition to the evident advantages of developing technological expertise, the benefits of robotics learning through the broader reaching, transferable skills that it teaches are plentiful. It can be a launching pad for students to realize their passions; encourages collaboration and problem-solving skills; creates leaders and team players; teaches great communication and inter-personal skills across a multitude of different technological platforms; and develops essential teamworking skills in its participants. These students emerge more confident, excited, and equipped with the skills they need in a changing workforce.

In addition to our school-based club, our Senior Robotics Team also takes part, annually, in the First® LEGO® League for elementary and middle school students. This internationally renowned competition requires the students to research and find solutions to scientific, real-world challenges. Students are required to brainstorm, design and program LEGO® Mindstorms robots to complete tasks within their team time at school, and then meet for the tournament to compete, share their knowledge, share and display their ideas and robots. This provides a great focus and motivating goal for our robotics’ club participants during their club time.

Skills Development, Teamwork & Fun

Junior Robotics Team

Our younger students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 are invited to join our Junior Robotics Team; a twice-weekly, after school club, designed to introduce these students to the fundamentals of the exciting world of robotics. Through inspiring and interesting challenges and activities, centered around First® LEGO® equipment and technologies, our students are able to build self-confidence, grow knowledge and expertise, and develop good habits of learning; all transferable skills across their entire schooling experience and beyond. Students are encouraged to think, to try… to fail… and to try again. To prepare them for the challenge of the First® LEGO® League in the senior robotics club, our junior participants are also invited to participate in an exhibition event, where they can take part in a fun, festival-style event, with other teams and schools.