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Make A Difference

This year, we have a chance to show our dedication to IST by giving to the AllIn4IST campaign.  We’re raising money for our school’s highest priorities — security, technology, professional development, and our growing campus.  We are raising money for our creative and collaborative international community.  We are raising money for our young Trailblazers.

We are all in for our children.  Let’s be AllIn4IST.

AllIn4IST dollars are unrestricted funds that International School of Texas uses to bridge the gap between the operating budget and the actual cost of running the school. These funds support our operations, including:

Teacher and staff training

Competitive Salaries

Teacher and student Materials and Supplies

Healthy Eating Program

Systems and Technology

The Gap between actual cost per student and tuition

The cost of tuition at a private, non-profit school like IST does not cover the full cost of the enriching experience provided to each student. It is standard practice among private schools to cover the “gap” between tuition and cost for each student with fundraising.  The purpose of the Annual Campaign is to cover that gap in funding.

Your meaningful gift to AllIn4IST moves us closer to this year’s goal. Every gift, of every size, makes a difference.

To learn more about AllIn4IST or make a gift, contact our Fundraising Chair at

Make A Donation


I already pay tuition. Why should I give more?

While tuition provides part of our foundation for excellence, gifts to AllIn4IST enable IST to enhance the educational environment of our school. The expenses of operating a high-quality school committed to academic excellence are enormous. Supplemental funds raised through voluntary contributions to the annual campaign are essential for IST to maintain a comprehensive, well-rounded educational program that offers challenging academics and a wide variety of extra curricular activities to our children. We strive for 100% parent, faculty and grandparent participation. These tax-deductible gifts are an important way in which families show renewed support every year.

Why does IST have an Annual Campaign?

Annual campaigns are used to raise money, through gifts to the school, which are then used to support the school’s annual operating budget.  Private, nonprofit schools like IST do not charge tuition equal to the actual cost of educating each student.  Therefore, they use fundraising to cover the gap between tuition and operating expenses.

Who gives to the Annual Campaign—just parents?

While most of our support does come from parents, we have many contributors who are grandparents, friends, staff members, and local businesses.  We deeply appreciate all of the support to IST and its vision for educating our future leaders.

Are contributions tax deductible?

Yes. All gifts to International School of Texas are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


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