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IST Kindergarten

Kindergarten students are brimming with joy, enthusiasm, and curiosity! This makes them natural inquirers – which is a springboard to a wonderful year with the International Baccalaureate curriculum.

Our Kindergarten students learn reading, Singapore Math, and STEM. Whether they are learning about fables and fairy tales, addition and subtraction, or computer skills and coding, their joy for the learning process abounds.  At IST, Kindergarten students also begin their language acquisition journey as young members of our global community. They have Spanish and Mandarin classes, each four times a week, which broaden their minds, horizons, and linguistic skills.

Perhaps most importantly, we also recognize the importance of play! IST Kindergarten students have multiple recess sessions each day to give them a chance to be outside with their friends having fun! We also incorporate mindfulness into our curriculum to help our students develop the important skills of stress management and open communication about feelings and emotions. IST is deeply committed to the Social and Emotional Learning of every student.

Our Kindergarten faculty bring a wealth of teaching experience and enthusiasm to the classroom each day.  Our teachers are accustomed to sharing the victories of their students as they grow and evolve during their time in Kindergarten. In fact, many of their students are reading independently by the time they are promoted to Grade 1!

If you can’t tell, we think that Kindergarten is great! We love working with students at this age and find them to be endlessly talented and engaging. To learn more about our world-class Kindergarten curriculum, please explore the information below and contact Admissions to schedule a tour!


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