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IST students work hard, and lunchtime is great time to unwind, socialize and refuel for the afternoon. This year, we partnered with a new lunch provider, Crave-It Nutrition, to make sure our students get not only what they want, but what they need for a healthy meal.

“We really like Crave-It because of all the options they offer,” said IST Nurse Bethany Reed. “They are able to not only accommodate daily preferences, but they are able to accommodate dietary restrictions for our students and staff to ensure that everyone has a delicious meal that works for their body.

“It is important to provide healthy meals and snacks at school so that students have the optimum fuel to function at the best of their ability. Nutrient-packed, healthy foods can not only make you physically feel better, they can also help you perform better,” Nurse Bethany added.

We talked to Jackson Belcher, who along with Brandon Hill founded Crave-It, about their service.

  1. What is Crave-It? Crave-It Nutrition is a school lunch program that provides a wide variety of meal choices to kids each day. From your everyday pizza and hamburgers to fan favorite chicken nuggets and fresh salads and wraps. We make sure there is a choice all students and staff will love. 
  1. How did Crave-It come to be? Crave-It Nutrition started as a meal prep delivery service. We delivered fresh meals to homes from north Austin to south San Antonio. When Covid hit, there were some families that wanted to wash their hands with the schools they serviced, and we decided to take a stab at making lunches for schools. We saw that families wanted a mix of traditional cafeteria food and health-conscious items. From there we went to the drawing board, took what we did best along with our past experiences as a child to come up with a diverse menu that all kids and adults could find something to enjoy. 
  1. When do you feel like you’ve succeeded in your mission? Success to us is knowing that each child and staff member who orders a meal enjoys every bite and does not go home hungry. 
  1. How has your business grown? We work with 25 private schools from Austin to San Antonio.
  1. How much food do you prepare in a day? We prepare roughly 2,000+ meals per day.​
  1. What kind of feedback do you get from kids and parents? Overall, we get positive feedback from our clients. We have heard the ordering experience is very user friendly, the food is delicious, the variety of options is great, and the customer service is quick and enjoyable. 
  1. What’s everybody’s favorite meal? The kids love our Friday breakfast day! We offer French toast sticks, donut holes, waffles, pancakes, etc. We always have high orders on this day!​
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