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Is IST extending spring break?

IST’s spring break will be from March 16-23, which is one extra day off.  On March 23, IST faculty will prepare to launch the two weeks of distance learning they have crafted for our students.  IST students will Log Into IST on Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

When do students return to school?

At present, IST plans to welcome students back to campus on Monday, April 6th.  We will continue to monitor the situation and will adjust that plan, if needed, and will communicate fully with our community over the next few weeks.

Will IST be cleaning the school?

Yes.  IST conducts deep cleaning of its campus at several points throughout the school year.  The campus will be deep-cleaned with commercial grade cleansers while the students are off campus.

Will IST extend the school year?

Given IST’s unique ability to provide its students with world-class distance learning immediately following spring break, we do not believe that any extension of the school year will be necessary.  Students will have their normally scheduled spring break and then Log Into IST on Tuesday, March 24th, to return to learning.

What do I need to do?

If you have not picked up your child’s distance learning materials, you may pick them up from campus next week, between the hours of 10AM-2PM.  Please email Charissa Bates, [email protected], to schedule a time.

Teachers will be emailing parents on Monday with a Zoom call for a videoconference where they outline the learning plan for your child’s grade.  Be on the lookout for the email with login information.

As educators, we believe that distance learning is a flexible and effective way for students to engage with learning and their teachers, even when not physically in the classroom.  Studies have shown that this flexibility in learning is a valuable experience for students and that they benefit from it.

Your student has the technology and the tools to Log Into IST and learn during this interruption in on-campus school days.  We have confidence in our IST Trailblazers to embrace this time as a challenge and something of an adventure!

How can I learn more about what’s going on as it relates to IST?

IST has assembled an Emergency Preparedness Response Team, comprised of school leadership, our school nurse, and several teachers, parents and board members.  You may email the Preparedness Team directly at: [email protected].  We guarantee that you will receive a response within two business hours.

What should I tell my child?

This week at school, all IST students were taught about the Coronavirus in an age-appropriate way.  We recommend talking to your children about the virus and explaining that our safety precautions are a way of helping others by trying to stop the spread of the virus.

One important consideration is to monitor the time that your children are spending online or watching TV, and to pay attention to the sources of information they are watching.  As we know, social media can be a source of heightened emotion and misinformation.  These can be damaging to our children and we urge you to protect them and their emotional well-being.

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