Nur Labardini, Support Teacher

Nur Labardini, Support Teacher

Nur was born and raised on the Dutch Antillean island Curaçao. Her family heritage is a convergence of Lebanese and Spanish from her maternal side and Dutch from her paternal side. Curaçao itself is home to an even wider collection of nationalities, religions and cultures. The approximately 130,000 inhabitants of Curaçao from Indonesia, Portugal, India, Holland and Venezuela all conduct business and socialize in harmony. The mixing of these disparate cultures exposed Nur to a rich variety of languages and customs early in life. By nature and necessity, Nur became a master of language in her environment. She speaks English, Spanish, Dutch and the local Antillean language of Papiamento fluently and has proficiency in French.

Nur is a 1992 graduate of The University of Texas at Austin with a B.B.A Degree in Accounting. Following her studies in Austin, she returned home to Curaçao and worked for 7 years in the off-shore tax industry. Nur unexpectedly returned to Austin in 2000 following her marriage and dedicated herself to her family for the next few years.

Nur resumed working in 2007 as a teacher in a local Austin pre-school. She developed a love for nurturing the young minds of the children she taught. With the inspiration of her time at the pre-school behind her, she returned to school to pursue her bilingual teaching certification and has since worked in and continued her development in IB education. Nur is elated to be part of International School of Texas where her love of children, languages and learning are combined.

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IST Trailblazer Speaker Series: William Kamkwamba

This is IST!

This is IST!

Check out our Grade 2 trailblazers most recent collaborative project!

While exploring the IB transdiciplinary theme of "How We Organize Ourselves", students are inquiring into how people use measurement systems as organizational tools. During this engineering project, students were tasked with designing, measuring, building and improving a dream home for one of their stuffed animals.

Take a look at these trailblazers demonstrating the IB Learner Profile Attributes of "Inquirer, Thinker, and Communicator" as they built their dream homes!

*Don't forget to RSVP for our last Saturday Open House of the year! Saturday, February 10th @ 9:30 am
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Read all about our IST Grade 1 Student Scientists!

Our Grade 1 inquirers have been discovering the properties of gas using the IB key concepts as an exploration guide. Asking questions like "What is it like?" (form), "How does it change?" (change), and "What does it do?" (function).

Unlike liquid and solid matter, gas is quite tricky to find and investigate. The students' first task was to make gas to collect.
Students created gas by swirling mixtures together to form a bubbly reaction. A balloon was placed on top of the bottle to collect the gas. Students explored the properties of gas by adding varied amounts of mixtures together to increase the size of their balloons.

This incredible inquiry required students to utilize all of our IB approaches to learning (Research, Self-management, Communication,Thinking, and Social Skills).

Take a look at our students BUBBLING with excitement during this activity!
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International School of Texas , an IB World School, is offering limited placements to students in Early Childhood-Grade 5.

For more information about IST, we invite you to attend our upcoming Open House and Information Session on Wednesday, January 17th @ 9:30.

RSVP today by visiting or email our admissions office at
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International School of Texas shared Yvonne Nava KVUE's Mace Massingill- Hunger Fighter. ... See MoreSee Less

Meet Mace Massingill - Hunger Fighter. An incredible kid who is making a lasting impression on those in need... one can at a time. #DaybreakAllStar with International School of Texas #NoHunger

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